My own Spaceship ASTRONAVE 

They said Einstein had. Tesla made many projects etc... None yet constructed? To explore the Space will be the amusement maybe to joint all human kind. Hawkins made many useful possible models...

My science fiction movie... The Title is CREW ONLY ONE.

ASTRONAVE AMADEUS "Spaceship AMADEUS" Scientific Research Spaceship Amadeus. USS? Maybe. NO  thx very. USS AMADEUS II ok!!! USS Amadeus already exist in the lighten separated cinematographic universe. I see exist many cinematographics universes. Terminator >>> Matrix >>> Dune... Very dark. Scott? DNA renew RNA renew DNA theoretically the human corpus is eternal. Star Wars The force is very true in the eternal fight. In the Spiritual World we have Ashtar Sheran very friend of Lord Sananda "Jesus Christ" & Lady Nada. Brazil have tradition in realistic movies. France insist in win... Laugh lol lollipop!!!

First I made a computer to control the ship automatically for crew only one... Me. I lol

The objective of the computer , the first one target of the thing was a machine to talk with GOD. All secrets of all sciences. The core of the machine hardware and software must to be 111% random, aleatório. Like a Ouwija Table made of silicon IC Integrated Circuit in perfect neutral state to receive the messages without noise. Maybe the human thinknet is noise. I lol again. Useful to justice too. All details of all details to judge a life. Serious damned theme. Life or death or prison. This time I did not lol. But proceeding...

The hardware of the super computer has three parts, one of silicon "single electron technology", a second quantum part and a third optical part with crystal worked at the level of nano technology.

GOD start to speak with me throught the machine in SHQ conversation. Question and responses from booth sides.

A infinity pleasant blab.

Part by part mechanical and electric schemes and the whole project. Poor example ... A electron running cause distortion in the tissue of the space-time, so cause gravity and another effects. All forces exist are effects of the vibration and vibrations. Reverberance is natural profit and clustering is a natural property or tendency...etc...etc...etc...

A cannon of electrons maybe enough to create a star gate>>> A ring with many points of hiperdensity or high mass effect a tunnel Einstein-Rosen. Concept real mass the spaceship itself and apparent mass outside the vehicle.

Small points of hiperdensity in the floor of the Spaceship create gravity similar to the Earth but adjustable.


The fuel is materialized inside the proper ship. To materialize anti-matter the perfect fuel same scheme... Many cannons of waves. We easy know frequency, amplitude and shape and exist many different kinds of waves. Sounds, lights, x-rays, gama and etc.. UNKNOWN kind of waves very true. The W.E. the whole Waves Espectrum in portuguese we can say T.E.O. todo espectro das ondas Funny Theos >>> TEO >>> WE. I laught

Merging different atom and anti-atom, there are plenty of free electrons left without losing anything with heat.

Difficult was a Business to make the enough money. GOD help. But is difficult. When the thing is money! You know!!! lols.

Two Warehouses. One secret and another to receive the packages and thousands plates for the starship structure.

I constructed the Amadeus alone. Five years of daily work. Eight hours to work, eight to distress and eight to sleep.


I constructed the ship and gone away to the space. To visit the center of this UNIVERSE , all galaxies .Safety ; etc...

To study nothing. The nothing. Where the laws and constants of this Universe are not apply. The Nothing where everything was possible...

Velocities more fast than the light, no Higgs fields, infinity reverberation, infinity agglomeration, infinities Oo

I passed 151 years studying the nothing... Another 100 years to get the Gravitational map of this Universe because the tunnel Einstein-Rosen is not simple like one entrance and one exit. Is a very complicated Highway with many stops points.

More hundred years to find a place with a lot of Anti-matter.

The shield of the Starship just repels the obstacles and serve like camouflage. A powerful electromagnet field make the small obstacles in same polarization causing repelling effect without damage the obstacle. For big ones better to run away. To scape is the better way to avoid a fight. The same field also cause levitation. Good for scape from a planet but in the empty space better the gravitational scheme.  

Rouet is terrified of teleportation because it is like dying and being reassembled elsewhere having to rely on quantum entanglement and computational capacity. He always went down to earth with a normal vehicle. Eat hamburger at the usual place, your tech school cafeteria.

But this was in the beginning. After a long walk studying the secrets of Einstenian physics, God asked me for a series of Missions ... The Adventure is just beginning! The fifth Commandment from GOD is just 5 to shall never kill at the infinity results in to care to love to cure. Pure mathematics lollipop Doctor Rouet Proust have twenty fingers.

Always with good humor MADE IN EARTH by a human being. Made in the XX century , year 2000.


This space-ship is a inter-universes class spaceship. Carry NO Weapons. Disc shape with 111 meters of diameter X 11 meters high. Flat like a coin. The sphere "Command room" fits inside the coin. Apparently does not have motors or engines. In the atmosphere works with electromagnetic propulsion. Antimatter engine that create electricity without stage of heat, from the fusion direct to electricity with Petavolts of DOP difference of potential. The gravitational propulsion only can be activated in open space away from planets, stars etc...

Exist a CTR Scanner + MRI + Aura Scanner that cures and rejuvenates; the begin was acupuncture by microwaves, billions diodes of directional wave. LED is Light Emitter Diode. The portable one works like a AURA Amplifier.

The control room is in the center and have no windows, only projections in the walls, spherical wall. The command room is inside a sphere that is inside the disc. Also exist a Materializer of any kind of armor and vehicle. The used materials can be Dematerialized after use. The board computer read and write thoughts, unknown range. It"s nickname is NO!

Despite God's help, the Amadeus spaceship has real and natural limitations. The Materializer consumes a lot of energy depending on the complexity of the object. Even materialization does not happen out of nowhere; it is necessary the molecular atomic scheme of the object to be materialized.

Too much warlike power without judgment is bad so NO tries to keep in touch with God ... it's justice and perfect judgment
So Dr. Rouet Proust fled into space
Faithful widower
Resurrect Lady Proust cost a lot of antimatter
Large Kuromograph and the portable cure device was just a dream
Lady Proust died before the construction of Amadeus 

Amélia Krauss role the company to make money and keep everything secret yields a lot of supporting
Amélia never knew the purpose of the money % gone to Rouet...

Captain Rouet gone to the sideral space

He was afraid that Amadeus would be used as a weapon

Old and romantic

Very beautiful scene with tears ...
Materialization resulted in an empty body. NO printed the files on the body's brain but God warned that she doesn't want to return to life ... She`s body started to die again ... After some tears of love ❣️ she resurrect!!!


1- Captain Rouet Proust Technical designer Scientist    French
2- Dra. Elis Proust Medical Doctor    Brazilian
3- Management of the business to make the money Amélia Krauss    American
4- Boy who delivers the pizzas! Zé da Silva    Japanese-Brazilian 

5- ETc etcetera etc...t    Alien

Thanks NO! Prepare the take-off!!! People may will think is a U.F.O. Instead...

MADE IN EARTH by a human being.

Made in the XX century , year 2000 lol

The light of the cinema room in half power...

Okay to go home, safely...

Seating up the chairs...

Music to the take-off

Music to scape the Earth

Music to the Sideral Outer Space