Love without limits

AEternitas Jesus Christ Immortel

Science fiction 14 carbon test is flawed ...
We do not know the age of the things.


Edem Garden many years ago ...
Planet Mars had organic ocean like material similar to a placenta bag.

Not impossible spiritual forces did atom by atom inside a improvised cell a human DNA-RNA that developed itself at a adult or child size in a pleasant enviroment. The legend says that Adam had no father and no mother. But had a girlfriend.
God made Adam "Our Jesus of the life" and  Eva. The true name of our Hero is unpronounceable written in cuneiform.
An advanced society that foresaw the death of his planet and began to dream of colonize the Earth "HELL" dominated by dinosaurs and other bad animals.
Atlantis was constructed...

Atlantis was created in the Earth by military mission with the objective to clean the planet of the animals.
The planet Mars died and became very uninhabitable and almost without oxygen, yes Mars had vegetation but much more clean and without insects. Everything utopia in this book!!! EDEM'S GARDEN was Mars.
The population has declined drastically and naturally 2 generates 1 decreases 2 generates 2 increases!
The only way to exterminate the animals of the earth was a clean explosion to  causing glaciation...
The etecetera , dinosaurs were extinguished.
It took many years...

In this time the Humans "Martians" are eternals in flesh and blood and bones.
But not only that, the actual bodies of humans are genetically altered by the Martian Gods who all died because they have no compatible bodies to survive on earth. Microbes and insects and violent animals...

The colonization of the earth was called the Tribe of Adam in honor of Adam.
They died early because the oxygen of the earth burned them fast instead in Mars they use to live forever young , in the Earth the encarnate life became finity and short. There was no time to educate the humans "Earth" mutants with bodies more adapted to this planet.
We are genetically adapted Martians to inhabit and colonize peacefully this planet. Everything planned.

Babel was the center, Cairo, Stonehenge in England and various pyramids scattered all over the planet and always following the same pattern of this planet. It is the human being fell in barbarie made children without a teacher. Orion was the official religion. A place to live in the future when The Earth will do not support life? Origin or destiny???

As the originals died too soon we showed ourselves too barbaric and fell into millions of years of barbarism that only begins to end now in the 21st century.

The flood occured.
The Gods died and their adaptation stoped and all secrets of all sciencies losten forever. We became barbarians as a child without parents.
The Martian gods think it is a bad influence of Gaia and her violent animals.
A second part of the Gods decided to live in space... The tribe of Ban.
A third party died on Mars.
Atlantis is in the same pyramids place Babel Cairo same place. Rome and the Roman Empire growed fast in all but became a factory of bad soldiers that injuried The Celtic Kingdom to steal food and more. The Hebrews and The Unique GOD show more moral development. There was many centers of high culture arround this planet.
The technology was certainly portable and the Gods between the clumps did not inherit us because we showed ourselves too wild.
The Egyptians cared the Human kind with culture and development at when Moses got a superior GOD to free of the slavery poor egyptian people denominated Hebrews. GOD that won Rome and started a new era.

Year zero... 0 BC AC

The legend of Jesus broke a bad and Dark Empire to stabilish a new order in the world.

The order of the love. To shall love each other like he love us all.
It is said that ETs helped Moses and Solomon and Jesus, perhaps descendants of the Ban tribe who fled into space trying to survive in space and facing their difficulties.

Adam "Ours Jesus of the life" from the beginning of creation because of his blood being different presented a serious side effect ... He is eternal in spirit, soul and body! Eternal incarnate. And he loves the human race. He's human like us !!!

He is eternal and his sadness too.

He sad in the objective to save all of us.

Currently he is very rich and powerful industrialist "Owner of the Oteos Corporation" and member of Freemasonry to be able to obtain fake indentity records to hide his age and etc ...


From the Poet of Omaezaki

PS Of this genetically engineered tiger they made kittens and giant lions made puppies. The blible say many kinds of animal may not God`s creation.
Of course the dogs are for protection, they were very violent Chacals. To protect the gates of the death or hell.

God say use all I gave to survive. Written in the Bible>>>Genesis

"Eva", very beautiful and also eternal.

Once in the power in the XXI century  "THE POWER" Jesus send and sent an angel or many angels to solve minimum injustice in the whole universe, focus in the mother Earth. Any kind of injusticies; like sicknesses, destructed lives, accidents... To be solved. Never to kill, to save... To love.

The fifth commandment. Do not kill at the infinity results in to care, to love, etc..

Big movie! Free Medical Doctors, Lawers, Psycologists, etc... Encarnate Algels...

Spirits , souls and bodies!!! Serafins, Querubins and Arkangels...

The true??? Who knows the true?

Hidden for ever in the Oteos Corps. Oo!!