Post Scriptum s

PS l Why in english? Because I believe English is The New Esperanto , a language that all world understand. Merci!
Sure Jesus is the Religious Esperanto.

PS2 Why I desire to be a Great Poet? I think my name is poetry. Marcelo means the sea and the sky. Castro means castle , very old family name that come from the Celtic Kingdom. Tibana"知花”use 2 kanjis , the first one ”知”means intelligence , wiseness and the second one ”花”means flower or beauty and comes from another ancient Kingdom called Riyukyu Kingdom. I hope you all believe and study your own names and see that your names also is poetry. A thing you carry all your life , now with pleasure and love.

If your name is ugly like Mr. Bad try crossed words with god good meanings.

Crossed words and letters in a good way. See>>>Infinity good.

PS3 Humor:The sea and the sky is enormous. So I am a big Poet. lol...

PS4 Best poetry that exist...Albert Einstein in Sta. Barbara Beach California USA made a frase-poetry...
"The Universe is a sea of waves."
Sure...Electromagnetics & Gravitationals

PS5 The way all is and why life is so imperfect...

A sad true, for GOD's point of view the human kind is like a child wanting the impossible in all themes... Some day we will win GOD with the help of the proper...GOD. To survive, to live, to better. Life is not so bad.

When body do not support body die.

Without soul body die. Spirit is immortal.

Think! Freewill is a old word for think.Godwill is a old word for The thinker...
GOD the thinker and we all inside the thinker like thinkers...NO name , NO beggin , NO end for small and big. Simple exist! The art by the art. To shall love the love etecetera.
For small waves inside waves infinitely and for big NASA says exist anothers Universes and the thing appears have no end.
About names Yahweh is from the Hebrew culture, God from english culture , Dieu from France , Deus from Portuguese culture , Dios from Spain , Dio very Italian , Allah for Islan etc.

PS6 War is not good sure...'' Life is a lie some day I will die until this day I must live my own lie at the eternal lie or eternal life ''

PS7 The most easy miracle that exist...Just a think can better your life!!!

Your thought make your life. Your thinking make your decisions and acts.

PS8 No more wars because Religion and etcetera. No more wars.

PS9 About love...A Dearest half of the apple lols A Soulmate like a mirror lols. A possible Dearest half (Person complementary in all , a Legend of the love) and Soulmate complementary (Person with same likes and tastes but from the opposite sex , also a Legend of the love).

PS10 To shall what? The ten commandments from GOD...Much more? Rich person you are.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 knowing by heart.

Let's go!!!


God through Jesus didn't has written nothing from his hands , sure proposital. We are free of interpretations. Each one must use own intuition. If incarnated life easy why brain? lol thanks


1-Love God more than all and everything

(Same terms another cultures and languages and schems)

2-Do not use God's power to the bad

3-Do not stress


5-Never kill ; only defenses

6-Do not change God's will use your mind to discern

7-Do not steal " Universes at photons and etc... "

8-Do not lie , just the fair. 



A true of the Life

The law of God , Jesus teach with love. Without tolerance and forgiveness ; life is impossible. Good life much less.

God is joy. God is life. Join God U2. 

Also solitude for me...

Solitude and music.