The purpose

This universe "Baruch Spinoza" God creator made God flesh and blood "each one of us all" maybe to see his own death... natural... l give a sincere tear after I lol !!! Incarnated life still not pleasant but I pardon the Creator.  lol

Perhaps we are this universe trying to understand itself.  There are certainly older and wiser and younger universes as well.

Even the size of the human being seems to be the medium of the infinitely large and the infinitely small. The ideal size for studying everything.
Incarnate life is not an bad idea. You all who mistreat each other. Your woes are fruit of wars . Almighty forces not ... Always peaceful. See the universe expanding peacefully like a waltz not a heavy metal ball. In high gravity the matter become ball. Expanding "low gravity" become a discoid...4? 11th Dimentional tissue space-time? Like a tissue to dry tears.

Some day this universe will die.
Aboard a inter-universes class starship with a lot of food we can survive. 
Flesh and blood are more powerful than iron and steel. Flesh regenerate and rejuvenate maybe more and more perfect with the Medicine of the future. Oil full acceptable by the organism that is the secret of the youth fountain. Today only in meat. Very animal!!! lols 
I think God ours creator , this universe love SURVIVORS he is one.

Gladly never gay. I lol
More dynamic than heavy matter and unpredictable God exist through all matter maybe through all of us...

Omnipresence 100% very true.

Omnipotence Almighty ness decreases according the increase of the free will = old term for mind power ; thing any creature have. Animals and insects etc have. Today we have 7, 8, 10 billions free wills plus the animals etc?

GOD is more the Ghost in the machine "DEUS EX MACHINA" more the soft than the heavy matter. Doubts about 100% control of the natureness. Sure GOD seek total Omnipotence all time. Almightyness.

Maybe this planet is a bomb that GOD hold in "his""hands"...

Omniscience sure impossible to hide thinks from the "Guy" who invented the thinking and the thought... I lol

I hope GOD 100% all time...
Now l believe in the Supreme Power & Mind also called God in english, Deus in Latin and portuguese, Dieu in french, 神日本語 , 上中国語, and etcetera etc...


GOD made the human being important similar to "him" ideologically not phisically. I lol
Funny is human size to be even a middle ground between the infinitely small and the big. I lol


Well!!! The end of the end.

Best regards thx

If exist a end. laught

A last true...Some times I laugh God force some one to help me. Some times l cry obligation to help...

A last sorry about my english. Not my native language. To be a Poet in english maybe impossible.

A last poetry...

Me not...God

I have no begin.

I have no end. For small no end. For big no end.

No, no, no... No name too. In the true I have NO NAME. You all have.

This Universe GOD, yes.

I accompany it since its birth.

I am nothing , I am nobody , I am anyone, No one.

Are you war about my names? Yahweh, God, Dieu etc...

No more wars in my name. Now I do not have a name. I had many.

No more accidents. If I not almighty; be strong minded.

No more woes because me. I gave technology to you all fix all.

No more crimes. You all have the commandments for your own success.

No more killings of my body because I never will heaven another again.

Yeah Survivors.

I am The Survivor and you all like me ideologically. To live happy in all richness I inherit to you all...

Universes that heaven no end. Planets more pleasant than the Earth. History and stories to pass the time.

For small waves inside waves. "Jean Baptist Joseph Fourier"... Maybe the first artificial Atom. Almightyness in your hands & 5 To shall never kill.

Password for Philosophy "We all are philosophers trying to force something" Soundness or less ; Imageness or less ; Thinkness or less... Maximum Degree

Where is the Driver License to do this? PHD in Philosophy have and heaven Anselm: From Spinoza until Fourier.....

The end of the end of the end.....

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