Letter to the Reader

About the next eBook and the content soon as possible! A sketch; here this new ebook is in the bones. I have a new eBook sketch because I received a challenge in a course of Philosophy edX if you prefer (HARVARD & MIT), to prove GOD exist and how it works...So...

God and I !!! May the title of this new ebook will be "GOD & ODDS"
Dear reader, thank you for the purchase desire.
First an unpublished poetry ...


No, no, no

There is no beginning or end...
For small and for big there is no end...
Within the slightest wave I saw more waves infinitely...
Waves make particles that make atoms and molecules and perfect bodies...

Beautiful hommes and beautiful femmes. Healthy. Stars homme and stars femme...Gods and Goddesses...

Waves inside waves infinitely and each one is result infinities vibes differents. Each one is unique! Each spirit, soul and body. Uniques. Undisturbables.

Each atom is unique in it's details. Never disturb the atom that disturb other.
Unimaginable, try to imagine the whole of the thing and you will know; for small infinitely and for big infinitely at same time...
It "Everything" simply exists because it exists in it's immensity...

The whole of the thing never know death...
The Art for the Art ; the love for the love...etecetera




Chapter 1


A Theory of everything in another area

Omnipresence with certainty 100%
Omnipotency varies even 0 >>> 100%
Omniscience depends more but ends up knowing
Modern physics explains that free will is simply an archaic word for mental power, something any creature with a brain exercises.

God being The thinker and all of us immersed as thinkers explains life as it is; its risks, illnesses and accidents. Whoever believes correctly is happier and healthier. God also suffer to support. Well , God is all and everything. More dynamics than heavy matter ; suffer with the natureness "Heavy Matter" too.

Per example , this planet is a bomb that "He" hold safe almost all time.
God seeks total Omnipotence "Almightyness" all the time and in our favor "all human kind". Think ; each human; human being expense billion years to develop from , since the start of this universe. BIG BANG!!!

Life arises naturally, it is a tendency from increasingly simple to complex atoms, and carbon is even more limitless. 

About Multiverses I belief is just the spiritual world. The palpable and stable is the real world where we live. The key word to understand is "stable" everything exist since a wave, a electron, a atom, a universe search stability.

A planet a orbit stable a electron a orbit stable. Maybe the dream of Einstein is correct and the universe and everything is simple, just question of more proper mathematics. A electron do not fall in the proton because the tissue space-time like the moon do not fall in the Earth and waves joint itself because two 3D waves sink in the tissue. Enough to make a Quarks? I do not know.

Maybe exist infinities dimensions but only three are stables, height, width and length. Entropy is the perfect égalité. Laugh. But Fraternité, Liberté and Égalité for all. The perfect stability is death but because the infinity waves inside the waves the Universe resurrects. To take care with negative Kelvin. Theoretically if the waves stop to vibrating the atom cease to exist.

Before the Big Bang, maybe there was nothing. After Entropy nothing is left. However, in the nothing the constants of this Universe do not apply. So perhaps there was infinite agglomeration and reverberation. As the Bible says in the beginning nothing existed, nothing created everything and everything will return to nothing. Born, died and reborn! A big heart. And maybe the force of gravity is pure love that keeps everything alive and functioning.

After the Big Bang; inside the primordial cloud "Higgs field" two small clouds rotating like two near stars, binary stars...

Only one proton and only one electron is more easy to understand.

In the primordial cloud the waves started to cluster. Two small clouds inside the big cloud. The small one, when the electron did not rotate became the electron. The big one the proton. The proton became static and the electron because the rotation speed became small and compressed.

Maybe everything is question of the compression of the waves.
Fourier is the theory that everything is made of waves. And wave makes waves and reverberation and agglomeration form a particle that makes an atom that is a set of particles.

But there is a force that causes a weed to flower, while the rest remains weed. Monkeys remain monkeys as humans evolve more and more.

In more simple words GOD is more spiritual than material.

The spiritual existence is not constant so the existence of God is not constant so God created and develops the human being and most all arts and sciences. Well; almost all.
Sounds ridiculous but God does everything in his time. For an eternal being the creation and development of the human being took place a few seconds ago. God is not slow.  It is the human being who cannot stand to evolve faster! Think!!!! lollipop But of course God is speeding up the process after incarnating in the form of Jesus fully understood that incarnate life is badass. To understand perfectly just incarnating. Tear.

The spiritual needs the material and vice versa.
Without God, human beings would be nothing more than an animal suffering like an animal.

To finish God etc is not male or female but has both properties, Yin and Yang or if you prefer matter and energy; but like a father, he is surprised by the human being like children of all ages.

The human being surprises God!
It's the Incarnate Human Being Dreams a lot!
God sees everything his way!
And we are made in its nonphysical ideological image and likeness.
In other words, he “masculine principle of permeating everything, even if everything is more than himself” has feelings yes !!! Caution! It's sometimes gets angry, and sometimes pretends it doesn't exist, and sometimes falls in love.

For moral development GOD teach love through Jesus and the ten commandments is the key for all laws that exists and will be.

Technological development is dangerous without moral.

About the legend GOD is male come from the true that energies permeate all matter all the time. 
Male principle explains the difference between the woman's belief and the man's belief. Man wants to be equally powerful and so strong. The woman wants gifts , to be permeated and etc ...
It is also true that the human being dreams too much and is rebellious, demanding, unsatisfied. IT IS THE ETERNAL UNSATISFIED AND GOD FEELS LIKE A POOR FATHER WHERE MISSING FOOD AND THEN GETS BRAVO HUNGER HURTS AND THE SOLUTION IS THE INCARNATED PEOPLE IS THAT WE HAVE TO HELP US. FRIENDSHIP WOULD BE ENOUGH. Loving one another is the TEACH of God and Jesus; but as any Master HIS teaches ; is difficult. Just friendship is enough. Helping each other is enough to get started. SPIRIT CAN MAKE BREAD? Very difficult. WE CAN!!! If we helped each other would be enough.
God has been developing us by jet for two thousand years! Wise men know that two thousand years ago the reigning God was Satan the Violent Irrational Animal. IS THE GOD YOU HAD! Did we deserve it? Not many ...
Sick and Criminals are minorities but even for them God invented MEDICINE AND PRISONS THAT RECOVER THE PERSON.

But anyone is a slave to what they believe.
Even your own beliefs create aura and around out of pure respect things happen accordingly. Unless it is impossible. Here comes the disappointment.
There are people for whom God does not even exist!
Even mechanicism has a percentage of truth. Once programmed the whole is difficult to change things. Only with divine intervention. DNA RNA same thing.
Everything is done and programmed for the good of all without exception. There are minorities, but even for these minority people God is benevolent.

The prime nature of GOD appear to be the neutrality and imperceptibility. But all powerful as far as plausible. The perfect power: Not perceptible. Never bother anyone! But fast or not his will , will be done. More wise than all human kind together. This is called divine justice. For who need a miracle the logic is faith. Care to not become TV news. To control GOD is impossible. The unique good reason is to win in the lottery to earn a lot of money and some charity. People that try to control GOD maybe crazy. They take hostages to try to control God. This type of person is a criminal, perhaps a political criminal. Wars do occur and yet it is impossible to control God. kkk And in the end of the case the Justice will be done. The Justice of God and the human kind too.

Maybe all great philosophers have a percentage of the truth, I haven't read them all.
Baruch Spinoza is my favorite.
Even Spinoza transcribes the God Albert Einstein believed in.
God is all. From the endless universes to the microcosm and The thought.

But there is a natural GAP of adversity between eight , ten billion free wills and the omnipotence of God and this GAP is natural because of the differences between spiritual and material life. Biological life is even more imperfect because it is pain, hunger and etc... Pain-pleasure, death-life, evil-good troubles of the biological life. The whole of the thing never know death.

Maybe this "GAP" is the life itself. The freewill is natural and irrevocable.

If God control all the life appear to be artificial. Sure if the person is bad I have sure God trying to control this person. The life itself is the gap that is the free-will that is a old term for mind power or mental power.

If God and same terms words really almighty all the time ; disasters never had occurred.

The corporeal life is even THE ADVENTURE where to err is forbidden. Imagine in the traffic, to err maybe it means death, or worse.
As for the diseases I suspect that after the DNA is corrupted and consolidated, it is impossible to cure the person, even a terminal cancer and all the diseases that are some kind of cancer "rotten" of having ingested poison. This proves that in normal times ; God is only thought and "The thinker," clear powerful thoughts of infinite beneficence and charity or love if so desired to rank. We are all thinkers immersed in The Thinker. Love. Love cure all , who cure LOVE?

Perhaps the notion of good and evil is intrinsic to biological existence where one animal eats the other to survive. At least it destroys some plants, without remembering that vegetarianism is and always has been dangerous. Certain oils will only be free from the death of animals after the advent of artificial meat on an industrial scale.

Dear reader already thought if the exchange of cells was perfect !!! And if the irreplaceable ones rejuvenate with ever more effective, artificial and modern oils! We would be eternal and we would achieve a society where people live only to study and after more than a thousand years they would get all the diplomas that exist, "innocent laughs".

Maximum degree PHD in Philosophy in the Chamber of the Mortals

In the Chamber of the Immortals GOD. Minimum Devil I lol

Exist a special degree in the middle called Clown...

To make the children laugh. I lol


Chapter 2


Charity also providence also devotion also love also like

The love of mortals
Many people live unhappy and say that they suffer because of love.
It is simple to end any suffering in love. Just apply the R.I.S. "laught sakana"
3-Same immediate intensity
If the person loves you nothing you automatically love nothing and if you do not restart or the another person never returns is because you never loved. A self-cleaning love free of suffering and ex-loves.
Legends of love
There are basically 2 legends the Soul Mate and the Dearest Half
The Twin Soul or Soul Mate use of the same tastes and predilections, but to appear even physically with the opposite sex is impossible and even hilarious. But it's always a pleasure to meet someone like that.
The Dearest half is more ideal a person who complements or completes perfect perfection. A person who completes you in everything, profession and more. Complexion. The half of your apple!

More than that is more and more complementary and similar, more difficult is the situation and possibilities to encounter some person that match. It all depends on your mortal love or your likes, predilections and wants. Your requirements.
Love is simple and routine always win. One has to like this routine.
Always a healthy routine. Do not want adventure because problems happen naturally.
I've seen greats troubles come from nowhere. Do not worry about adventures. "laughs scared" The adventures occur naturally. Life is full of difficulties.

Common love is just reciprocity to achieve sexual intercourse. Fraternal love, parental love, maternal love; they are certainly more sublime.

God's love is pure charity, more than devotion; impossible for any incarnate.
Mortals' love always ends or starts at a jewelry store. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds or a cheap wedding ring. Humbly beautiful link.

Why does an artist marry an artist. Usually yes, because simple love is born out of living together. In the bible it says that God is what unites husband and wife. God is famous for loving simplicity and humility. Simple love that is born without being in a war and or intrigue and or any problems. Love peace!

Love has a serious paradox; the greatest loves are born in the greatest difficulties. Stupidity is to invent difficulties. The world is still full of real injustices to worry about. The greatest merit is of the priests who live for charity like Jesus Christ.



Chapter 3


All religions are from God and it is only a question of personal taste.
All religions end up studying the others and all are similar.
Satanism is for the Police to participate and arrest all members. It's the most dangerous and hated, of course.
Everything ending in "ism" is some kind of religion.
The largest in the world is Scouting and is not considered a religion and recommends having some official religion to be practiced in parallel.
I think Freemasonry is Scouting for adults. The oldest movement of mankind that requires having built the temple of Solomon and even the Pyramids. And it follows the same precept of the scouting in not dispensing that the participant has an official religion.



Chapter 4


It is the maximum of the 7 arts that transmutes death into life. The basic thing is Life and or Death and the rest of the emotions and feelings comes from it.
I particularly hate comparatios and avoid them. Simulations, similarities, complements and pure logic I use and adore. Some % of life + some % of death or pure death or pure life!!! All combinations exist , do not and etc...

Sure Video Game is more emotions and any Video Clip is more than my work.
God is the Poet of the Poets and I was gifted with a plume of Seagull.
Of course Maltese Falcon or Hawk or Eagle is much more respected.

"laughs sakanas"
But to see by the true meaning of my name Marcelo "Sea and Sky" a Gull feather that did not died and continued to fly is a much more adequate presence.
The feather simply fell at my feet when I went to the beach in the winter to meditate and think about life. I was wetting the soles of my shoes. Discharge. "laughs"



Chapter 5


The ten commandments obligatory in every school is enough to have a very cultured people who do not kill and steal.
And raising the minimum wage benefits those who need it and many other people. Working or not receive. Only raising the minimum improves all economies of all countries. Seriously the common people buy and create high quality by themselves not in a communist way that proved to be inefficient. With money people buy what is needed.

Always, all time...

No news. l am not crazy. Zero news.

2017/08/18 I do not judge myself important, I just never judge. Always the benefit of the doubt. 

About nationalism ; is cultural richness! But Nazi-Facism or Neo-Nazis is war and poverty like Communism.

About Nobleness in Brazil the political power gone to the Army after the proper Politics. Ours Nobleness now, belongs to the Reign of the Dreams, the World of the Dreamers. Princes , princesses ... I Hope they continue for ever existing. Long life , happy and prosper to the Emperor!!!

All Emperors , Kings until us the people.

I hope more, everybody have theses ideas by themselves. a little funny but I prove that who buy a book only search a confirmation of ideas had by them selves. More, everyone learned same word in different manner. We all similar but different. l lol...

The last one; what appears to be a desire Of Jesus Christ Emperor King of all Kings. The Prophet above all nations and countries. The famous and loved.

A strong U.N. with army, air, earth, water and intelligence division to work like the Fire Corps to terminate any start of war in this whole planet before the war. Not a President of the world. Instead a Presidency of the World a CONSILUM CRATIA a govern made per one Counselor per Nation or Country with full power more than the Presidents etc to solve problems of this planet. To solve problems of the Country exist Presidents etc. Problems of the city etc. I lol. It is simple but what we see is wars occurring and the big one... 

More! To save the poor people a U.N. ID card with bank account for all inhabitants of this planet... Who need to receive, receive. Who need to give some money, give. I know everything already exist, I hope work more well.